Horticular is a relaxing garden-builder that begins with mysterious gnomes summoning you. Their wish? For you to breathe new life into a long-lost garden, abandoned by its previous caretaker.

Enter a magical world where you build up and expand a lush garden at your own pace. In your journey, you attract adorable animals to inhabit every corner; uncover helpful upgrades; and assist quirky characters for rewards and story development—all while juggling decay and fending off corruption sent by your nemesis!

Build and expand the garden of your dreams with hundreds of unlockable surface types and items. You set the pace and what to do next, whether it be developing a new vegetable area, progressing a lucrative story arc, or just sitting back and admiring your creation. Your horticultural creation will be unique to you!

Create and preserve animal habitats to attract adorable creatures. Each species has its own requirements to fulfill before they pay you a visit, so you have to plan ahead if you want them all. Should you not take proper care of your inhabitants, they may leave you in pursuit of better luck elsewhere!

Immerse yourself in your personal horticultural garden diorama, complete with a day-night cycle and weather effects. But while a rainy and lantern-lit evening may be cozy, it is not just for show! You will find that darkness attracts unsavory characters, some animals prefer specific weather conditions, and lightning strikes loom under stormy skies.

Nurture your garden with magic. Over time, you will have to deal with unhappy animals, garden decay, and strange corrupted agents sent by your nemesis. But with a combination of helpful gnomes and your own magical gardening gloves, you are sure to keep an everblooming environment.

Choose how your gardening journey develops by upgrading abilities to suit your play-style and investing in new items to rebuild with. Since you make the decision, every playthrough is personal. But worry not; no choice locks you out of content, and you are able to collect everything!

Encounter multiple quirky characters writing you letters throughout the story. Each individual has their own specialty, and they frequently give you tasks to carry out in exchange for a reward. What you decide to pursue is completely up to you, and there is always something waiting to be done.


  • Rename inhabitants to personalize your garden.
  • Measure your horticultural career during the in-world gardener competition.
  • Exchange valuable plant nectar for new decorative items.
  • Snap pretty pictures in the camera mode and share your creation with the world.
  • Modify the game with easily accessed game data files and the included editor.


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